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Bands & Artists


Listed below are the names and contact information for string bands and artists who have submitted their information to Those that have e-mail and/or web sites have the necessary links highlighted. If you would like to submit information for an artist or band click here. If you have a picture, e-mail it as well or send the URL of the picture and the webmaster will go get it. Thank you.

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...and the Leasebreakers Breaker of leases, strings, and jug band world's records, "... and the Leasebreakers" performs primarily at lease-breakings with free food, folk festivals, cowboy poetry and music festivals, worthy benefits, fun gatherings, and parties with free food.

All Digital String Band "The All Digital String Band is a group of friends who met while working at Walt Disney Imagineering. The distinctive element of this group's performance is a blending of acoustic styles from many different genres, including traditional folk music, classic rock'n'roll, pop tunes, and even today's ska music."

Atlas Stringband Southern stringband from Seattle that blurs the borders between old-time and early bluegrass music. These boys are equally at home with a hot fiddle tune or tight harmony singing.

Barnthouse & Dalton With resumes that read like a "Who's-Who?" of the best in Bluegrass, Craig Barnthouse and Alan Dalton join forces in an incredible new band with a sound that takes you back to the traditions that make this music great.

Big Medicine String Band Music of the Rural South BIG MEDICINE plays string band music of the rural South: old-time melodies and mountain harmonies, ancient ballads and archaic fiddle tunes, heart songs, hollers, hymns, and a hint of early bluegrass—it’s music with remarkable power, nuance, and timeless appeal, a balm for the modern maladies of the soul. E-Mail

Bing Bang Boys "old-timey stringband goodness and fun, served up fresh by a quartet of the finest pickers of our day."

Bob Bovee & Gail Heil Fine Music Traditions - square dance tunes, authentic cowboy songs, ballads, blues & ragtime numbers, sentimental duets, novelty songs, yodels, tin pan alley favorites Contact: Bob Bovee & Gail Heil, 18287 Gap Dr., Spring Grove, MN 55974  Ph: 507-498-5452  or E-Mail

Bradford Bog People  Lively foot stomping traditional music of the Appalachian Mountains, from Eastern Kentucky, the Virginias, Ozarks, and North Carolina, performed on banjo, fiddle, mandolin, and guitar. Their music features rhythmic clawhammer banjo and fiddle (dance tunes), unusual fiddle tunes played in archaic tunings, and ballads.

The Bristol Boys In 2006, three veterans (OK, old guys) of the New England Bluegrass and acoustic music scene got together to form The Bristol Boys to play country and bluegrass music from the 1920s, 1930s, 1940s, and early 1950s. The songs may be old, but when The Bristol Boys sing them, they sound as fresh as the day they were written.

Wayne Cantwell The Flyin' Fiddler E-Mail

Caudell, Paul and Kim Paul and Kim Caudell specialize primarily in 18th and 19th century period music, but have been known to throw in an original or a cowboy tune (Kim yodels) when the occasion calls for it. E-mail

The Counterfeit Bards Rousing sing-alongs from Ireland…Tragic ballads from Scotland… Lively dance tunes from the English Renaissance and Celtic repertoire… all this and more can be heard in a typical performance by The Counterfeit Bards. E-mail

Damn Yankee String Band The Damn Yankee String Band is based in Montpelier, Vermont, and consists of Sarah Hotchkiss on fiddle, banjo and vocals, John Mowad on fiddle, guitar, banjo and vocals, and until recently, Jen Wells on bass. Jen has decided to devote herself to her other project, The Dixie Red Delights, who will soon be going to Nashville for some high musical adventure.

Dirty River Ramblers The Dirty River Ramblers are a string band located in and near Omaha, NE. Built like a bluegrass band, the Ramblers cover a wide range of genres, from oldtime to jam-rock, combining improvisational soloing with tight vocal harmonies. Debut album, Ramble On, is a collection of original music. The band is now on a mission to share this music as widely as possible.

The Dowden Sisters Band Laura Dowden P.O. Box 1259 Leicester, NC 28748 Phone: (828) 683 - 9919

DOWN HOME STRING BAND....... hails from the foothills of the Ozarks in Northeastern Oklahoma. The group’s sole purpose is to have fun preserving and performing Old-Time, acoustic music. Members are: Gary Sizemore – fiddler, Sharon Nottingham – upright bass, Alice Craig – guitar, and Dan Ashwood - guitar/mando/banjo. Everybody plays multiple instruments and sings too. Look ‘um up online then, give ‘um a cyber-holler! See them on YouTube



Euphoria Stringband Two Foot Falls, Kansas e-mail: E-Mail "We make good music a thing of the past"

Extended Roots Extended Roots is a group of women who have come together  from many diverse professions with one common passion, love of music.  The group is made up of teachers, artists, managers, a florist,  a financial analyst, a geologist, an attorney, wives, mothers and grandmothers. Their repertoire is predominantly traditional music from the roots of America. The music the early immigrants brought with them, now called Old-Tyme, Celtic and Bluegrass is kept alive by Extended Roots. E-mail

Falderal String Band

Falling Branch String Band Falling Branch is an Appalachian mountain band from Elkins, West Virginia.  We have been playing old-time for over ten years in and around the mountains here at home.  We feature dynamic instrumentals, close harmony singing and just all around good time music on fiddle, banjo and guitar.  Our music ranges from the very traditional to Carter family country to Luke Smathers mountain swing styling to early bluegrass, if we feel like it. E-mail

The Family Tree Dulcimer Band "The Family Tree Dulcimer Band is a group of 41 musicians from 10 communities in 5 counties of southwestern Ohio. The group specializes in folk, old-time, country, spiritual, and historical music. For bookings or other information, write to The Family Tree, 110 South Main, Springboro, Ohio 45066, or call (513) 748-0916. The Family Tree is sponsored by the Springboro Area Historical Society."

The Farnum Family …from Galena, Missouri, is a five-piece band that plays a lively blend of gospel, bluegrass and old-time music.  They love to perform tunes that will have you tapping your foot and singing right along, or perhaps take you on a trip down memory lane.  A few songs will even make you laugh out loud!

The Joseph A. FERKO String Band P.O. Box 316 Broomall, PA. 19008 e-mail: E-Mail Philadelphia's Famous Entertaining Musical Mummers --Mummers' Champion 20 Times

Flying Jenny Flying Jenny of Birmingham, Alabama, plays old-time string band music. This was the music of the American settlers from the British Isles and is a forerunner of bluegrass and country music. It consists of lively fiddle tunes meant for dancing as well as old songs sung on front porches and in front of fireplaces when families and friends got together after the day’s work was done. Flying Jenny (named after an old-fashioned mule-powered carnival ride) plays breakdowns on fiddle, guitar, banjo and bass, and sings old songs, often comical, in three-part harmony. E-Mail

For Old Times' Sake "The music of For Old Times' Sake has been lifting dancers off the floor throughout California since 1989. Jim Mueller and Amber Roullard-Mueller's straight-ahead twin fiddling supported by a powerful and unique rhythm section featuring W.B. Reid on guitar and banjo-guitar and Jerry Ray Weinert on bass, provides just the right groove for contras or squares." (See the Reviews page for a review of their CD.)

The Freight Hoppers It was in 2002 that they last performed together. Now, Frank Lee and David Bass have brought in Thomas Bailey on guitar and vocals (a solid sidekick from The Forge Mountain Diggers) and Isaac Deal (another prized addition) on upright bass. With the two original members reunited and joined by Bailey, whose beefy baritone vocal range enriches the sound, and Deal, whose high lead and tenor voice adds lightness and color, a string band has been created to rival the best that ever kicked up dust.

Gaelic Storm If you saw the movie Titanic and thought the steerage party scene was really cool with the lively sounds of the Celtic is that band.....Gaelic Storm!! Check out their albums and tour schedule.

Rayna Gellert "Since graduating from WWC, she has toured in Europe with dancer Ira Bernstein, in Chile with David Holt & Friends, in the U.S. and Sweden as a member of the Freight Hoppers, and all over the country as a duo with Frank Lee. Rayna has been a regular finalist in the fiddle contest at the Appalachian Stringband Festival in Clifftop, WV, and has been a popular instructor at The Swannanoa Gathering."

Johnny Gimble Fiddle Legend - need we say more?

The Goodtime String Band This Massachusetts / New Hampshire based band originally formed several years ago out of the friendships developed through local jams and festivals. The band performs throughout New England with a fun repertoire of old time stringband music and bluegrass.

Skip Gorman and the Waddie Pals "Whether solo or with his old time cowboy band, The Waddie Pals, Skip takes the music from one of the most romanticized periods of American history-the days of the cattle drives and westward expansion-strips away the Hollywood glitz and Nashville affectations, and shows us the beauty of the music as it was sung and played along emigrant trails and in cowcamps over a hundred years ago in the American West."

Grays Ferry Mummers Quartet "We are a new stringband quartet based in Philadelphia, PA. We do costume serenades in the tri-state area and are open for booking. We also do light Jazz in a duet and trio formats."

Graystone Bluegrass Revival is an established Oklahoma band performing bluegrass Gospel, original songs, and traditional bluegrass standards.

Marie-Lynn Hammond Marie-Lynn Hammond is a Toronto-based singer-songwriter and playwright. She was also a Co-founder of the Canadian folk/bluegrass band Stringband.

Hart & Blech "Old-time stringband music, in many flavors, is alive and flourishing in the Pacific Northwest. Seattle-based trio  Allen Hart and Sheila and Kerry Blech bring you old music on banjo, guitar, and fiddle respectively, with a few vocals. They have spent many years listening to old recordings on 78s and albums and material from various field recording trips, augmented with their own visits to the old masters who originally created this dynamic music." (See the Reviews page for a review of their CD.)

John Hartford The Man, the Myth, the Legend...what more can be said?

Hawks and Owls String Band A band founded by Bruce Ling in 1997, "Hawk and Owls" performs for music festivals, dances, private parties, and corporate functions in styles from country blues, bluegrass, early swing, Appalachian fiddle, and ballads.

Henhouse Prowlers The Henhouse Prowlers is a 5-piece traditional bluegrass band based in Chicago, IL. Performing upwards of 175 - 200 shows per year, the Prowlers work to bring the best of bluegrass to crowds around the country. Keeping with the standards set over 50 years ago, the group always performs in nicely pressed suits around a single microphone set-up.

The Hillbilly Gypsies The Hillbilly Gypsies are a West Virginia native string band who specialize in playing their own homegrown style of Appalachian Old Time mixed with that Hard Drivin' Bluegrass Sound. E-Mail

HOE is an acoustic string band from Connecticut--no electric instruments, no percussion. It plays what it calls contemporary string band music: original compositions that are a blend of bluegrass, old-time, and pop. E-Mail

The Homegrown String Band The Homegrown String Band is a twenty-first century incarnation of the traditional family band. The band, which was literally homegrown, consists of Georgianne and Rick Jackofsky and their two daughters, Erica and Annalee. They have been performing together at bluegrass, blues, and folk festivals, as well as in schools, libraries, and coffeehouses throughout the Northeast since 1997. e-mail: E-Mail.

The Hot Club of Cowtown

Hotpoint "Hotpoint is first and foremost a dance band, characterized by their own brand of sizzlingly hot contradance tunes, high-energy squares, and string swing." And from what they tell me, they feature a didgeridoo. If you do not know what instrument that is, check your encyclopedia. In fact, if you have Encarta, you can hear a sound clip of a didgeridoo . Really cool! e-mail: E-Mail



The Juggernaut Jug Band "Jazzy Jug Band Music Played on Washboards, Washtubs, Kazoos, Jugs, and Various other Sundries."

Kentucky Memories hopes to accurately represent Old-time fiddle styles from Eastern Kentucky. We plan to use Kentucky Memories as a foundation to honor many great notable fiddlers like Buddy Thomas, George Hawkins, Bob Prater, Jimmy Wheeler, J.P. Fraley, Ed Haley, and Kenny Baker.

Klondike5 String Band "klondike5 plays just good old time music. from jimmie rodgers to hank williams to split lip rayfield and all the way back again to bill monroe, plus original tunes that are guaranteed to get your feet a stomping."

The Lansfords Jim and Kim Lansford, 521 First St, Galena, MO  65656,  e-mail: E-Mail To Kim and Jim Lansford, the appeal of traditional music is its power to evoke place and time through the voices and visions of people expressing the circumstances of their own lives.

Late For Supper is an eclectic group, playing a variety of music on guitar, fiddle and banjo. Old-time Appalachian fiddle tunes are sure to get your feet tapping. Creative arrangements of bluegrass, gospel, folk tunes sung in three part harmony leave audiences wanting more.

Laughing Lizards Old Time String Band Great old-time fiddle and banjo tunes, Appalachian mountain music, early swing and ragtime, "roots" Louisiana Cajun music, American ballads, and old Gospel songs. E-mail

Dan Levenson Old Time Music and Dance, The Hippie-billies with Dan and Jennifer Levenson , Old Time Fiddle and Banjo - His stage show, An Evening with Dan Levenson, combines old time fiddle, Appalachian banjo, guitar, dance and song in a storytelling format to tell the story of life in rural Appalachia and life on the roads of America via the music of our country. He is an accomplished and dynamic fiddler who has taught himself to fiddle and clog at the same time--a real treat to see! Audience participation and occasional guest performers figure strongly in his shows and children won't let themselves be left out of the fun!

THE LONESOME HOLLER STRING BAND (Consisting of Evan Morgan on guitar, Steve Wharton on banjos and autoharp, and Chris Carney on fiddle and mandolin, ("...and they all sing real good too".) is dedicated to preserving and playing the rural music of the 1920's and 1930's. They have been playing around the San Francisco North Bay Area for years at wineries, dances, concerts, festivals, political rallies, and all sorts of various and sundry events. Lonesome Holler is a fine bunch of fellows who have a great time playing together and resurrecting some wonderful old music.



M Shanghai String Band M Shanghai String Band Brooklyn, NY’s must-see live act. "The banjos spit fire, the acoustics soothe the soul, and the vocals tell honest tales. …a perfect combo of old time American folk and the music as it stands today... a musical performance that is enduring." --SHUT EYE. An adventurous take on Americana, the M Shanghai’s songs are reminiscent of traditional roots music styles, yet innovative in their musical form and modern lyrical content. The dynamics range from barnstorming breakdowns to achingly beautiful ballads, expressing originality and simplicity in the same breath.

The 97th Regimental String Band - P.O. Box 2208, Largo Florida 33779-2208 e-mail: E-Mail

Mark O'Connor "Hailed as a phenomenon whose technique and instrumental mastery transcend musical styles, Mark O'Connor claims legions of fans from virtually every musical genre -- classical, jazz, country, bluegrass and Celtic. The range of his talent is outstanding."

The Meadowlark The Meadowlark, a celtic/world folk band from Bozeman, Montana, voice, mandolin, fiddle, guitar, and bodhran. A teenage phenom on mandolin, Ryan Flynn. Sound clips, reviews, photo and bios are on our web site. contact Alice Flynn E-Mail

Montana Mandolin Society "The discovery of a photograph of the 1902 Bozeman Mandolin and Guitar Club inspired the formation of today's Montana Mandolin Society under the direction of professional musician Dennis White." email: E-Mail

Moonshine Holler Moonshine Holler (Paula Bradley and Bill Dillof) is a versatile husband & wife duet who play and sing traditional music of the southern mountains: heartsongs, ballads, hillbilly blues, minstrel ditties and breakdowns, with some old-time flatfooting to boot!

New Jerusalem Bluegrass New Jerusalem Bluegrass is a multi-talented family bluegrass gospel group from Columbus, Ohio. They have received many awards from fiddle and instrumental competitions, Renfro Valley, Ohio Governor’s Horizon Group of the Year Award, and Christian Country Music Association/CMT Talent Search Nashville, Tennessee.

The 1937 Flood  Fine music for sophisticated ladies and gents!

The Olde Michigan RUFFWATER STRINGBAND "Our band has a total membership of 15 people with 10 people currently active.  We were established September 26, 1979 and are in the Rochester, Michigan area.  We play for old-time contra and square dances during the winter and perform concerts during the summer with songs from such artists as Gid Tanner and the Skillet Lickers, Wade Mainer & His Mountaineers, Bob Wills and the Texas Playboys.  We've been the house band since October 1981 for the American Contradancing series at Henry Ford Museum and Greenfield Village, Dearborn, Michigan.  Glen Morningstar Jr. is our band leader and caller." E-Mail

Old-Time Liberation Front In their hometown of Lancaster, Pennsylvania, they shared stands and stages with one another in the classical music world. But around campfires, in living rooms, and on front porches, their musical households were filled with jam sessions of a different sort. They returned from summer music festivals wielding fiddles, banjos, mandolins, and guitars. They thrived on exposure to the raw, joyful art of old-time, folk, and bluegrass— music that provided the inventive sextet with their greatest creative inspiration.

Oriskany Strings hails from the little mountain village of Oriskany, Virginia located about 40 miles west of Roanoke. The band was formed in 1997 to perform and promote old-time country and bluegrass music. For Bookings call: 540-567-2000 or 540-567-2534

The Alferd Packer Memorial String Band Going strong in Lawrence, KS, The Alferd Packer Memorial String Band provides a lively stage show for audiences large and small.  The band includes six multi-instrumentalists with many years of combined experience.  The band features fiddles, banjo, guitar, hammered dulcimer, washboard, percussion and bass.  Contact Steve Mason by email: E-Mail  or phone 785 841-0277. (Also see Steve Mason Luthiers)

Pickled Okra There are many bluegrass and old-timey bands out there, but none quite like PICKLED OKRA. This trio of acoustic string players from Seattle Washington breathes life into a classic genre with fresh ideas and pure family charm. Pickled Okra was conceived in 2006 by a husband and wife team, Todd and Paisley Gray, and started out as a living room pass-time, but became a band in 2007 when Tony Markey joined in the fun. Our band is Tony on banjo, Todd on mandolin and Paisley on bass & all three on vocals with dulcet 3 part harmonies.

The Pleasant Family The members of The Pleasant Family Old Time String Band are neither family nor always pleasant! We are just friends who met a few years ago through a jam group that played old time music in Largo, Florida.

Potlikker String Band The Potlikker Stringband lives and plays old time fiddle tunes and stringband music in the Memphis, Tennessee area. The members of the band come from a variety of musical backgrounds; Folk, Rock, Blues, Bluegrass and Irish namely.

Prairie Belt Boys Prairie Belt Boys are an old-time four piece string band , with some punk rock drive . Imagine Bill Monroe meets the Pogues .They play traditional old-time tunes, originals, Irish folk rock. The band is based out of Winston Salem, North Carolina.

The Prairie County Avengers "Minstrelsy by the Prairie County Avengers. This was the name used by a company of Arkansas troops from Prairie County, just west of Little Rock. As reenactors of the War Between the States, we put special effort into making this recording a "reenactment" of perhaps a musical experience in camp or minstrel stage. Original as well as historical reproduction instruments were used to insure the correct sound was produced."

Prairie Land String Band   Oklahoma City, OK e-mail: E-Mail -performing post-civil war era, cowboy, blues, Celtic, and American folk music in traditional costumes.




The Red Mountain White Trash (aka Red Mountain or The Trash) The Trash play good-time, old-time string band music. At festivals and clubs you'll hear them play high-energy dance tunes and old-timey blues, and sing songs from the earliest days of country music, when folks like the Carter Family and the Delmore Brothers were the stars. To contact or book RMWT, e-mail E-Mail

Red Rooster Romeos Lynchburg Virginia trio redefining foot stomping hillbilly soul of mostly original music that sounds like it might come from the a long time ago. National guitars, ukuleles, doghouse bass and lots of fun.

W.B. Reid and Bonnie Zahnow  This husband and wife duo present a wide range of musical traditions: old-time country songs and fiddle tunes, string blues music from Mississippi and Memphis, and Mexican songs and dance tunes. Both play fiddle and guitar, and WB also plays a variety of other stringed instruments. Sweet harmonies on songs ranging from poignant to humorous, twin-fiddling, foot-tapping tunes and slow waltzes, all make for fine and enjoyable music in any situation. E-Mail

Riders In The Sky "Riders In The Sky-- the best in Western music & entertainment for more than 20 years..."

The Roadoilers You can count on The Roadoilers for the finest in Old-Time String Band music, Square Dance music, and Traditional Country, as well as Irish piping and fiddle music. E-mail

The Roller Mills String Band The ROLLER MILLS STRING BAND is a delightful high energy string band playing old-time, Irish, and bluegrass traditional fiddle tunes in a style similar to traditional American music of the early and mid 1900’s. With a focus on the hammered dulcimer, this group features a complete instrumental ensemble with some of the most powerful pickers from several Bluegrass bands in Southeastern Wisconsin. E-mail

Run Of The Mill String Band We are Philadelphia's Run of the Mill String Band, an old-time southern Appalachian string band preserving and performing some of the best traditional American music you can find.  Fiddle, banjo, guitar and upright bass comprise the usual configuration of the band, but sometimes we mix it up with two fiddles, fretless banjo, mandolin, banjo-mandolin, steel-guitar, banjo-guitar, and archtop guitar.  We sing some, too.

Runaway String Band "The Runaway String Band brings together four long-time Williamsburg-area musicians to produce a wonderful variety of bluegrass, old time, and swing music. With lush vocal harmonies and hot instrumentals, the band provides audiences with a taste of American music from the 1930s, 40s and 50s, and includes some contemporary pieces as well." E-mail

Nathan Sanders Member of Prairie Land String Band since 1992, Nathan plays mandolin, guitar, bass, piano, and even some banjo. He also provides some of the band's comical songs and sounds, as well as some really nice vocals. Nathan is also interested in old time music, as well as bluegrass, jazz, blues, and just about every other style of music. And he now plays with Graystone Bluegrass Revival.  e-mail: E-Mail

The Scramblers Mississippi has a strong heritage of acoustic string music. It is home to the Delta blues of Robert Johnson, Charlie McCoy, and Mississippi John Hurt as well as the Father of Country Music, Jimmie Rodgers. It has also been the inspiration for an eclectic array of fiddle music recorded by bands such as The Leake County Revelers, The Mississippi Sheiks, and Hoyt Ming & His Pep Steppers. The Scramblers are a Mississippi string band that built its sound on these strong traditions. They put on high energy performances of traditional and original Mississippi music as well tunes shared by their friends from the bayous of Louisiana to the college communities of upstate New York.

Scrapple Creek Runners Scrapple Creek Runners are an original oldtime/bluegrass band from the northern Delaware and southeastern Pennsylvania region. In a world where bands fuse their styles with an often confusing amalgam of genres, Scrapple Creek Runners remain true and pure to the spirit of traditional music while still maintaining a level of creativity as can been heard in their original songs. The four-piece (J.C. Bell, Paddy Corcoran, David Atherton and Sarah Larsen) all have strong backgrounds in traditional music.

Dorothy Jane Siver & The Siver Family Dorothy Jane Siver has been playing music most of her life. With weekly piano lessons since she was 4 years old, her private teacher explained to her parents that she had a musical "gift".

2nd South Carolina String Band The purpose of the 2nd South Carolina String Band is to recreate (as authentically as possible) the music of the Civil War. In the "Southern Soldier" album the listener will hear the music of the 19th century played on 19th century period instruments in the appropriate style. This is the music as it truly sounded to the soldiers of the Civil War.

Shake that Little Foot - Old Time Band "A group of British musicians who came together through their mutual interest in traditional American Old Time music."(A quote from their web site on e-mail: E-Mail

Singleton Street "If you've heard us live, you already know we're a lively blend of bluegrass/gospel, old-timey, Irish, even folk music." E-mail. Also hear them here:

The Skirtlifters The Skirtlifters authentically recreate the music of the 19th century riverboat, stage and parlor, enlivened by period humor, skits, songs and percussive dance.  Internationally renowned banjoist Clarke Buehling leads Thom Howard on guitar and mandolin, Tom Verdot on fiddle and second banjo, and flatfoot champion Kent Beyette.  The group specializes in a unique blend of fretless clawhammer banjo and classic banjo style and parlor music and ragtime string band arrangements as on their latest CD "A Ragtime Episode."

Mike Snider & The Mike Snider String Band "Mike Snider, who was born and lives in Gleason, Tennessee, made his way on the country music scene in the 1980's with his incomparable wit and stellar banjo playing.  Mike first worked his way into people's hearts through his hundreds of spots on TNN's Nashville Now, and his seven-year stay in the cornfield on "Hee Haw", a syndicated television show.  In addition to his television work, Mike and his band entertained crowds for seven years at Nashville's Opryland USA."

Sons and Brothers Champions of the 2004 National Bluegrass Playoffs

South Philadelphia String Band A Philadelphia Tradition Since 1946 The String Band is available for all occasions.Whether you are organizing a parade, wedding, surprise party,or just about any event, we can tailor a package to fit your needs. To speak with a band representative, Please call  (800) 289-0775 or E-mail E-Mail  We look forward to speaking with you.

Southern Horizon Southern Horizon has been performing 19th century period music since 1987 for reenactments, museums, conventions, schools and private engagements. The group presents music popular of the period from 1816-1865. The music and arrangements are researched to present an accurate portrayal of the music heard in that period. Performing in costume, on instruments similar to those that would have been found in the homes of the citizenry of the 19th century. E-Mail

Still Hand String Band Still Hand String Band is a four-piece progressive, Bluegrass, jamgrass Band from the Endless Mountains Region of Pennsylvania. On their mission to instill their hand into the future of bluegrass music SHSB plays a wide variety of original, traditional, and cover material. The band’s choice of songs leaves no genre of music untouched. Their heap of originals, although bluegrass at heart, are heavy in rock, jazz, pop, reggae, psychedelic and country influences. With a knack for blending songs of yesterday with a modern twist and a new youthful vigor, these guys sure get a crowd stompin’. E-mail

Stranger String Band "From haunting ballads to raging instrumentals, 'The Strangers' draw upon deep roots in rock, folk, blues, jazz, old time and bluegrass to conjure up their own genre of  music.....Deep and flowing, acoustic music that is sure to get you moving............"

Strängorkestern is Swedish, and it means "The Stringband."                         

Stringband "Stringband was active in Toronto, across Canada, and around the world from 1971 through 1985. Bob Bossin and Marie-Lynn Hammond were the founding members, and several different fiddlers joined them over the years. Please also see Bob Bossin Old Folksinger’s Homepage "

Stringfield Stringfield, hailing from the Ozarks, their repertoire includes old time with a pinch of bluegrass and a dash of Celtic. They have played at festivals, local events, weddings; two of the members have traveled to Japan to perform. Gail Morrissey and Victoria Johnson play Hammered Dulcimer and Barry Smith on guitar soon to be adding fiddle and bass.

The String Dusters THE STRING DUSTERS draw inspiration from the deep well of American music - the lonesome blues of Jimmie Rodgers, the folk songs of the Carter Family, the bluegrass of Bill Monroe, western ballads and swing, fiddle tunes, the hillbilly boogie of the Delmore Brothers, and the developing honky-tonk sounds of early 40s and 50s country music. E-Mail

Suzanne and Jim "full time professional entertainers with deep roots in the American Tradition of travelling minstrelsy"

Sweet Song String Band The Sweet Song String Band specializes in the traditional music and popular music of 19th-century America. Originally composed of two hammer dulcimers and two Appalachian or lap dulcimers, the band took its name from a Latin word, "dulci", meaning "sweet", and a Greek word, "melos", meaning "sound", which together comprise the word "dulcimer". e-mail: E-Mail (David's Dulcimers)

Tennessee Mafia Jug Band From the pastoral hills, hollers, shopping malls and interstate highways of Goodlettsville Tennessee, home of Bill Monroe, Bashful Brother Oswald, Stringbean, Grandpa Jones, Keith Whitley and some living country music performers, comes the most entertaining "blast from the past" since Lester Moran and the Cadillac Cowboys. They’re the Tennessee Mafia Jug Band -- five guys and a scrubboard, with roots like wisdom teeth. Tennessee Mafia on MySpace

The 3rd Texas String Band plays live, period-correct music of the Civil War era and provides "calling" and dance instruction to go along. They are available for performances throughout Texas and beyond. They use the old-time banjo, fiddle, guitar, mandolin, fife, and bones to keep the music and good times going. They play and teach all the popular waltzes, reels, polkas, and contra dances that reenactors love. FACEBOOK  E-mail

Time Was Time Was could hear traditional music on just about any front porch in America. Now TIME WAS recreates those days by playin’ toe tappin’, hand clappin’, traditional music featuring the hammered dulcimer and mountain dulcimer, along with other traditional instruments.

Tin Roof Tango "Take five talented musicians, add over thirty acoustic instruments and music from six continents, sprinkle on a bit of dance and a few corny jokes...." E-Mail  Featured Band

Two High String Band "We are rejuvenating the unobvious edges of bluegrass and acoustic music."



Uncle Earl "Uncle Earl plays hot old-time stringband numbers, soulful originals and mountain songs. These five women come from different musical backgrounds and live in five different states, but they’re united by a love for timeless music from the heart of rural American culture. Their energetic live performances have earned them a reputations joyful and accessible performers, deeply respectful of tradition but willing to develop graceful arrangements that create a modern and unique sound."

Jay Ungar & Molly Mason Ashokan Farewell, Lovers Waltz -- these folks need no introduction...visit their site.

The Village Singers The Village Singers are Pinecastle Recording artists who play and sing Gospel music nationally at bluegrass festivals as well as churches and southern Gospel concerts in a style that would best be described as "Traditional Gospel".

The Whistlepigs String Band The Whistlepigs pride themselves on tight harmonies and hot instrumentals with a repertoire of traditional and progressive bluegrass, from Bill Monroe, Hank Williams, and Flatt & Scruggs, to Gillian Welch and a growing selection of band-penned tunes!

Wild Hog In The Woods "... an Oregon stringband that plays a wild mix of old-time, swing, sleaze-jazz, ragtime, blues and tin-pan alley tunes with honest verve and gusto.  The sheer fun that these guys have playing the tunes that they love is infectious. Their motto, “Nobody leaves without a grin” keeps people coming back for more.  They play an armada of fine instruments with fresh abandonment true to their music. And they play them well….."

Woodland String Band "Celebrating 75 years of Philadelphia Tradition"

Yonder Mountain String Band In a word - "WOW!!" Check them out!

Roland Zimmerman Family "The Roland Zimmerman Family is a Christian music group from Lancaster County, Pennsylvania, performing a blend of bluegrass gospel, country gospel, and folk gospel music; we call it: down home gospel music."

The Zinc Kings are a North Carolina band specializing in music of the North Carolina Piedmont. They are not an Appalachian band (although they sometimes sound like one). They play a combination of blues, mill music, and fiddle tunes, sometimes all at the same time.


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