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Sweet Nell

Sweet Nell

New Old-Time Tunes

Tom Adler

David Margolin

Jim Mullany

Rob Pine

The title says it all. You just think you know these tunes, but actually this CD is a collection of original tunes done in the old timey way. Really it is kind of fun. It'll make your toes tap and get you up out of your seat. What you will find here is mostly a collection of fiddle tunes (what would you expect from a bunch of fiddle players anyway). However, one track is a "banjer" tune.Track 4 is "Lamy Train Ride" by Tom Adler, and he plays it on fretless minstrel banjo and fretted 5-string banjo. It definitely has the "gut wrenching" sound, but in a good way. It' really cool! While there are some up-tempo tunes, there's also a few nice waltzes such as "Snowday Waltz" by David Margolin, and "Rosemary's Waltz" by Jim Mullany. "Helen's Waltz" by Rob Pine, according to the liner notes, was written for his mother while he was living in a trailer in the central New Mexico desert. And yes, the liner notes are another outstanding feature of this CD, giving the reader a little history behind each composition, plus mini biographies of the players. Truly a gem of a CD. There is something for everyone.


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