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Casey Driessen - 3D

Track List

1. Sally In The Garden
2. Gaptooth
3.The Confusion Before Dreams
4. Sugarfoot Rag/Freedom Jazz Dance
5. Jerusalem Ridge
6. 2 A.M.
7. Snowflake Reel/Done Gone/Cheyenne
8. Cliff Dweller’s Slide
9. Footsteps So Near
10. Lady Bowmore
11. Country Blues

Includes guest artists:
Viktor Krauss
Jerry Douglas
Tim O’Brien
Béla Fleck
Darrell Scott
Jamey Haddad

Sugar Hill Records

Casey's  Web Site

Casey's MySpace


A Review

by Nathan Sanders,

To borrow a phrase from a bygone car commercial, Casey Driessen's 3D is "not your father's fiddle album." Sure, it has some traditional tunes on it such as Sugarfoot Rag and Jerusalem Ridge, but do not judge this one by its cover. In fact, Jerusalem Ridge has long been a favorite of mine, and out of the various renditions I've heard, Casey's take on this Bill Monroe standard is phenomenal and probably the best I have heard. Imagine one man, a fiddle, and some mixing equipment, and plenty of theme variations and overdubs. It rocks!

Placing an artist's work into one specific genre often times is unfair and misleading. To say 3D is a bluegrass album would not be right. Nor is it a jazz album. Driessen encapsulates several styles and genres into a clear  cut, high quality presentation of musical genius. He includes a little bluegrass, some blues, even some Celtic flavorings, in sort of a jazzy type of performance, yet with very current rhythms and sounds. At first I was a little put off by some of the electronic enhancements, but I quickly got over it as Casey's artistry and musicianship became clear.  Most of the tracks on this album are original compositions by Casey. And of course Driessen's mastery of his instrument comes shining through with every note. And to me his five-string fiddle just has that added extra something as compared to a four-string. Truly Casey Driessen is a member of that class of musicians who go beyond the norm, as evidenced by the his guest artists such as Bela Fleck, Jerry Douglas, and Tim  O'Brien and the rest.

Hearing a  musician who steps outside the boundaries musically, and whose passion and dedication to their art rings loud and clear always brings joy to my heart. Every listen brings something new. I'd highly recommend adding Casey Driessen to your collection today. The last track (not listed on the cover) is really cool, especially for anyone who loves dogs. And that's all I've got to say about that.