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The Prairie County Avengers - House of Light

Track Listing

  1. You've Got To Walk That Lonesome Valley

  2. Wayfaring Stranger

  3. There Is A Fountain Filled With Blood

  4. Poor Pilgrim Of Sorrow

  5. There Is A Balm In Gilead

  6. Let's Go Down In The Valley To Pray

  7. Sweet Rivers Of Redeeming Love

  8. Roll Jordan Roll

  9. Amazing Grace

  10. Nearer My God To Thee

  11. Ezekiel Saw De Wheel

The Prairie County Avengers

Tom Morphew, Preston Ware & Dustin Richardson

with Tracy Thomas-Vocals, and Mark Randall - Fiddle


A Review

by Nathan Sanders,

The Prairie County Avengers are back...ahem....with a vengeance. Alright, sorry for the pun but I couldn't resist. Actually, this time there is no vengeance involved as Tom and Preston and crew come at us with a more Spiritual offering -- Spiritual Songs of the War for Southern Independence. Join Prairie County and friends around the camp fire, or in their living room, for a good ole Gospel singin' time. The instrumentation is very basic with guitar, banjo, and fiddle. The rough-hewn vocals and lovely harmonies, along with this basic setup, really takes one back to a time of revival in the battle-weary camps of the Confederacy. Some of the melodies may be a bit different than what most modern day folks learned, but no matter. As I drove down the road listening, I kept getting the notion I was listening to a soundtrack from a Civil War documentary, especially with the powerful recitation at the beginning of Nearer My God To Thee. The production quality may be very basic, but the impact is very real, and the hearts of the performers shine forth. As I've said in my previous reviews of Prairie County's music, the authenticity is present. Again we are presented with another fine addition to any period music collection. So far, every CD from the Prairie County Avengers has presented a different aspect of the Civil War era. Perhaps someday they will offer a box set to their listening public. Keep pluckin' Avengers!