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Sam Bush - Laps In Seven

Sam Bush - Laps In Seven

Track Listing:         Sugar Hill Records

1.The River’s Gonna Run

2.Bringin’ In The Georgia Mail

3. The Dolphin Dance

4. On The Road

5. Riding That Bluegrass Train

6. I Wanna Do Right

7. Where There’s A Road

8. New Country

9. Ballad For A Soldier

10. River Take Me

11. White Bird

12. Laps In Seven

A Review

by Nathan Sanders,

Laps in Seven may be one of Sam Bush's best collections of music so far. Usually I find with a Sam Bush CD a variety of musical moments from blazing instrumentals to some really cool riffs, lyrics, and vocals, along with some outstanding guests. Laps in Seven pretty much sticks to the same formula, but really shows a level of development as an artist and maturity as an individual. The listener is in for a real treat with guest appearances by Emmylou Harris, Buddy Miller, Jean-Luc Ponty, Tim O’Brien, Shaun Murphy (Little Feat), and Andrea Zonn. Of course, let us not forget Sam's band with the lineup of Chris Brown: drums; Byron House: acoustic bass, harmony vocal; Scott Vestal: banjo; Keith Sewell: acoustic guitar, harmony vocal. Everybody gets a chance to shine.

Song choice plays a major role in making this such an enjoyable CD as well. Everyone has their own tastes, and it is nothing new to buy a new CD and get maybe three or four memorable songs. Every track on Laps In Seven is a treasure to be cherished. On my first journey through Laps in Seven I, of course, thoroughly enjoyed the bluegrass classic Bringin' In The Georgia Mail and the John Pennell and Sam Bush original Ridin' That Bluegrass Train. Both are the typical, hard-drivin' bluegrass style of tunes for which Sam Bush is known. I would imagine some will buy the CD just for these two tracks. But do not stop there or you will miss some truly great music.

From the beginning, the listener is treated to an almost old-timey sounding, hauntingly beautiful duet with Emmylou Harris on The River's Gonna Run. Bush later honors the memory of John Hartford with Hartford's song On The Road, which being in 5/4 time sort of sticks with the theme of the CD, given the title track was inspired by the 7/4 tempo of Sam's dog's drinking pattern. He even includes a fit-for-today Leon Russell tune, Ballad For A Soldier. If you missed Jean-Luc Ponty's New Country on Mark O'Connor's Heroes CD, you get to hear him play it here with Sam. One of my favorite moments is the extended instrumental section at the end of River Take Me. Each track gives us a glimpse into the world of Sam Bush, but I will leave that up to you to discover. You will not be disappointed as you hear outstanding musicianship and some heartfelt lyrics as well.

Sam Bush again delivers a stellar performance with Laps In Seven. Pick it up (or lap it up) today! At the very least you will hear some more jammin' Sam Bush music. You might even find yourself lappin' it up in 7/4 time.

(If you would like to preview this CD, check out Sugar Hill's site or visit to hear the entire CD.)