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Riley Baugus - Long Steel Rail

Riley Baugus - Long Steel Rail

      Sugar Hill Records

Riley Baugus “Long Steel Rail”

1. Long Steel Rail 3:11
2. June Apple 3:56
3. What Are They Doing In Heaven 4:12
4. Sail Away Ladies 2:13
5. Rove Riley Rove 2:50
6. Wandering Boy 3:43
7. Boll Weevil 3:00
8. Old John Henry 3:20
9. Willow Tree 3:26
10. George Collins 3:22
11. I’m Troubled 2:55
12. No Corn On Tygart 2:36
13. Lonesome Road Blues 3:36
14. Now Is The Cool Of The Day 3:35

Produced by Tim O’Brien and Dirk Powell


A Review

by Nathan Sanders,

Riley Baugus is the real deal. Born and bred in the mountains of North Carolina, he carries on the old-timey tradition of the passing-down of tales and tunes from one generation to the next. Having learned at the feet of the legendary Tommy Jarrell in addition to the numerous influences of other musicians and storytellers, Riley brings home the sound and style of his mountain upbringing with his powerfully clear voice and incredible musicianship. Additionally he is a craftsman with a reputation for building a very fine banjo.

Long Steel Rail marks the culmination of all Riley Baugus is but also the beginning of a life-long musical journey with even greater things to come I am sure. And with the help of notables such as Tim O'Brien and Dirk Powell, the listener is in for a real soul touching collection of traditional music. Personally I had never heard of Riley until I received Long Steel Rail for review, but I had heard his voice and was not aware of it. If you saw the motion picture Cold Mountain he provided the singing voice for the character Pangle.

Every track on Long Steel Rail really does touch the listener's soul as Riley delivers with heartfelt authenticity and clarity. I could probably talk about every track, but one which really moves me is What Are They Doing In Heaven, an obscure spiritual ballad which really can make one think. And Riley's performance on acapella numbers such as Now Is The Cool Of The Day go beyond what many think of when they hear the term "mountain music." But I will let you be the judge. Pick up a copy of Riley Baugus' Long Steel Rail today and be prepared to be blessed and also be prepared to dance to some really lively instrumentals straight from the North Carolina mountains.


Riley Baugus