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The Duhks - Migrations

The Duhks - Migrations

      Sugar Hill Records

The Duhks: Migrations
Release date: September 12, 2006

1. Ol' Cook Pot 2:34
2. Mountains Oí Things 3:50
3. Heaven's My Home 4:03
4. The Fox And The Bee 3:27
5. Down To The River/Jebís Tune 5:03
6. Who Will Take My Place 3:40
7. Moses Donít Get Lost 3:03
8. Three Fishers 3:20
9. Domino Party! 4:08
10. Out Of The Rain 3:21
11. Turtle Dove 3:08

Co-Produced by Tim OíBrien & Gary Paczosa



A Review

by Nathan Sanders,

It was a really cool pleasure to listen to Migrations by The Duhks. I had heard of them but had never really listened to them before, so this was a whole new experience. And what an impressive collection of songs, musicianship, and all-around coolness in acoustic music. I know, I keep using the word cool, but take a look at the Duhks. From their very appearance, the average person on the street would never expect to hear the word acoustic associated with this tattooed, long-haired, sort of Bohemian looking group. The vocals are tight. The playing clear and precise. And, actually, they do rock, but in an unplugged way. And the songs on Migrations seem to fit into a certain theme dealing with life, death, and other such issues. So keep it up Duhks! For the uninitiated, do not judge this book by its cover.

The Duhks