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For Old Times’ Sake – Dance Tunes & Songs

 A Review by

For Old Times' Sake

For Old Times’ Sake is made up of the following musicians:

*   Jim Mueller – fiddle, vocals

*   Amber Roullard-Mueller – fiddle, vocals

*   W.B. Reid – guitar, banjo-guitar, vocals

*   Jerry Ray Weinert -Bass


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Swing Cat Enterprises



Song List

1. Swamp Cat Rag/Waldorf Reel

2. John Sharp’s Hornpipe/John Stinson’s #2

3. Rock Mountain/Comin’ Through the Canebrake to Shoot the Buffalo

4. Prohibition is a Failure

5. Ways of the World/Great Big Taters in Sandy Land            

6. Lost Indian

7. Bob’s Farewell/Cold Frosty Morning

8. Ragged but Right

9. Cotton-Eyed Joe/Watermelon Pie/Dusty Miller

10. Tears of Love Waltz

11. Sugar Tree Stomp

12. Milwaukee Blues

13. Altamount/Wagoner One-Step

14. Bobtailed Mule

15. Say Darlin’ Say

16. Live Oak/Seneca Square Dance

17. Black Hills Waltz




A Review by


“The music of For Old Times’ Sake has been lifting dancers off the floor throughout California since 1989.  Jim and Ambers straight-ahead twin fiddling supported by W.B. and Jerry’s powerful and unique rhythm section provides just the right groove for contras and squares.  This album, recorded during the band’s first Northwest tour, includes their best dance tunes along with a few favorite songs.”


          The quote above, taken from the back label of this CD, is a very fit description of the music contained within. If I were preparing for a contra dance and needed to practice a few steps, I would use this CD. Or if I was just feeling a bit down and needed a little “pick-me-up”, I would put this CD in the player. It’s quite a collection of lively dance tunes and even a few vocals for variety. I’ve never seen this band play live, but from listening to the CD and reading about the individuals in the band and the band history, I would say that this recording captures their musicianship and presentation very well. There are really no fancy gimmicks in the production; it is just “straight-ahead” old-timey music produced with fine quality. Additionally, the liner notes contain brief descriptions and/or histories of each tune. The band shares origins of  the tunes or anecdotes behind them. This added feature really brings a depth to the whole package and ties it all together. So if you enjoy good ol’, down-home fiddlin’ and feel like kickin’ up your heels, pick up Dance Tunes & Songs from For Old Times’ Sake.


To Contact For Old Times’ Sake:

W.B. Reid

3950 South Ferdinand St.

Seattle, WA  98118

(206) 723-7684



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