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Alabama Gravy Soppers

The Band:

Ashley Carr - lead vocals, guitars and kazoo

Ford Boswell - mandolins and vocals

Warren Colter - upright bass and vocals



  1. Come On In
  2. City of Refuge
  3. Keep It Clean
  4. Guitar Rag
  5. Dark Spirits
  6. Talisi Rag
  7. Stomp Down Cider
  8. Mr. So & So
  9. Rope Stretchin' Blues
  10. Two Things Going On
  11. My Baby
  12. Whitewash Station Blues
  13. If You'se a Viper

Alabama Gravy Soppers Site


A Review

by Nathan Sanders,

I've listened to Yellowhammered by the Alabama Gravy Soppers many times, but the music really hit home during the hot summer time while I was helping with a friend's political campaign. The raw, bluesy nature of the Gravy Soppers' music just seems to transport the listener back in time to maybe the Deep South in the hot, humid summer with the plot twists and turns of a John Grisham novel. With very basic instrumentation and soulful vocals, along with some old timey tunes, the listener can just let their own blues drift away while moving to the kind of gut-string feel of the Alabama Gravy Soppers.