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Notorious is:

Eden MacAdam-Somer - fiddle/vocals

Larry Unger - guitar/banjo/bass

Sam Bartlett - mandolin/jaw harp

Mark Hellenberg - percussion/banjo uke


  1. Whiplash/Greasy Coat

  2. River Falls

  3. Old Aunt Jenny With Her Nightcap On/Elkins

  4. Romanian Train Song

  5. Gelem, Gelem/Aoleanul De La Petresti

  6. You're My Baby Now

  7. Lissa and Corey/Berkley Reel

  8. Oxford Hall/C# Minor

  9. Henry Reed's Breakdown

  10. All Night Long

  11. Pickin' The Berries

  12. Rodeo Clown Rag

  13. Sarah Jane

  14. Dodi Li

  15. Jolly Jack's Polka

  16. Snow On Deer Mountain


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A Review

by Nathan Sanders,

Have you ever had one of those experiences which you knew could not be repeated? For example, the first time you ate at a particular restaurant and everything was just right, but when you returned later, it just wasn't the same. Oh it was good, but the first time cannot be topped. Well such is NOT the case with the latest CD from Notorious -- Elkins.

When I first received this CD from Larry Unger I was a little leery upon noticing the duo had become a quartet. Their previous CD (review) simply amazed and astounded me with their fine musicianship, original tunes, and overall professionalism and quality. The sound Notorious puts out as a duo is just amazing. Really I saw no need to expand the band. So upon putting Elkins in the player, my fingers were crossed hoping they had not "fixed what was not broken."

Wow! The magic is still there and even more! With the addition of Sam Bartlett and Mark Hellenberg, new dimensions of music have opened for Notorious. You will be pleasantly whisked away by this quartet on another great collection of original and traditional tunes of various sorts, from swing to blues, to old timey and Eastern European, with some very masterful playing by all, including some beautiful vocals by Eden. I'll not elaborate on each and every tune. You as a listener can take the journey of discovery yourself. But the Larry Unger original Rodeo Clown Rag is one of my favorites. And again, as before, Notorious has ended this project with a soothing fiddle and guitar duo of Snow On Deer Mountain, composed by Eden and Larry. What a great way to end another exquisite experience with Notorious. Thank you Larry, Eden, Sam, and Mark! I look forward to see what is next.