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Stranger Creek String Band

The Band:

Barry Brown: Guitar, Mandolin, Vocal

Doug Doering: Bass, Vocal

Douglas Rippee: Guitar, Mandolin, Vocal

Paul Wilburn: Violin, Viola, Vocal


Over The Sunset

  1. Brown Eggs
  2. Lonesome River Road
  3. Gallivant
  4. Red Sunset Smile
  5. Some Like It Blue
  6. Rita
  7. Here I Go Again
  8. Waiting On A Waiter
  9. December
  10. What Am I Gonna Do
  11. Over The Hill

Stranger Creek String Band


A Review

by Nathan Sanders,

Stranger Creek String Band -- the name of the band doesn't really say much about the band itself, except it leaves one to wonder if life in their neck of the woods is really as easy going, fun, and colorful as portrayed by their music. Let me say first of all, Thanks to the guys of Stranger Creek for sending me their CD Over The Sunset.  I've just about worn it out, and I feel as if I have been to a jam session with the band. However, it is not so much a jam session as it is just four friends sitting around making great music. And what is even better about Over The Sunset, every track is an original composition from the members of Stranger Creek.

When I first received the CD, I gave it a couple of listens and set it aside to kind of think about it. Then sometime later I was driving in my car and randomly reached for a CD in my overhead visor. Upon hearing the opening bass lines of the first track Brown Eggs, I thought to myself, "Wow, what is this!" Being a person who enjoys good quality acoustic music with mandolins, fiddles, and guitars, I was instantly intrigued. Upon learning this was the Stranger Creek CD,  I knew I had to give it more serious attention. And let me say, this is some great traveling music as well, as the time just flies by as you listen. And some of the songs stay with you, such as the peculiar, kind of twisted Rita. I'm still trying to figure that one out. The personal experience reflected in What Am I Gonna Do caught me off guard and made me laugh out loud.

Would I recommend picking up a copy of Over The Sunset by Stranger Creek String Band? Most definitely! The cover design really reflects the overall nature of the music. The mix is just right, with every hot lick ringing loud and clear, and the vocals, while nothing fancy, give you the feeling you know these guys. The skillful musicianship of each  member of the band is nice and clean, with nothing extra in between. Barry, Doug, Douglas, and Paul really have their act together. Check them out today!