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Notorious is:

Eden MacAdam-Somer - fiddle/vocals

Larry Unger - guitar/banjo/bass

Sam Bartlett - mandolin/jaw harp

Mark Hellenberg - percussion/banjo uke


Notorious Web Site



A Review

by Nathan Sanders,

Notorious does it again with an outstanding collection of old timey and original tunes. I am not sure why, but there just seems to be more of a party atmosphere to their latest CD The Road to Damascus. There is just an overall feeling of fun and comfort with the music. Larry and Eden shine again with their mastery of the strings and creativity and musicianship on a variety of styles from the lively Wild Rose of the Mountain, to the bluesy Do You Know What It Means To Miss New Orleans, the jaunty Boatman, and the thought provoking tribute Beneath The Stones. It is a real pleasure to put this wonderful CD in the player, to share in each musical moment. Thanks!