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Hart & Blech 

The Players: 

Kerry Blech – Fiddle

Sheila Blech – Guitar

Allen Hart – Banjo


To purchase this CD contact

Swing Cat Enterprises


Song List

1.   Kicked Up A Devil of a Row

2.  Crow, Little Rooster

3.  Wake Up, Chicken

4.   Tuck Me In

5.   Rockin’ In A Weary Land

6.   Red,White & Blue (Vocal)

7.   Holly Ding

8.   Old Sharon

9.   Train on the Island

10. French Waltz

11. Chinquapin Hunting

12. California Cotillion

13. Hook and Line (Vocal)


14.  Yearlings in the Canebreak

15.  The Roscoe Parish Waltz

16.  Buffalo Gals

17.  Battle in the Horseshoe

18.  Tie Your Dog, Sallie Gal

19.  Will Davenport’s Tune

20.  All Young

21.  Leather Breeches

22.  Go and See Your Own True Love, Leave Mine Alone

23.  The Scolding Wife

24.  Lightning in the East

25.  The Mirabelle Waltz (c. 1993, Sheila K. Blech)(Vocal)


A Review


"We admire and respect the old master musicians who've inspired us over the years, so we have striven to capture their infectious spirit in our recreations of their music."

     The quote is taken from the liner notes of "A Devil of a Row" by Hart & Blech. After listening to their CD, I would agree they have captured some of that "old-time" sound. Using fiddle, guitar, and banjo the trio has succeeded in presenting music that is simple, melodic, and quite enjoyable. Some old-timey musicians use the term "old time music fever," which is simply that point one reaches where all the music sounds the same. I know many times I and others have asked, "Didn't we just play that tune?" At times the music on this Hart & Blech recording causes that fever. However, that is not necessarily a "bad" thing. The many varied tunes do cause you to ask, "I wonder where they got that tune?" Well, fear not. Included in the liner notes are histories and stories about each tune. The whole package is really sort of a history book of old-time tunes, a tribute to some musicians long forgotten by many. 

     It is difficult to really capture the complete picture of a band on a recording. The live, in-person aspect of the music is usually missing. I would imagine that Hart & Blech provide some really fun-filled entertainment at dances, festivals, and private parties. "A Devil of a Row" however does capture their musicianship well. And there a few fun moments as well, such as the rooster crowing at the end of Crow Little Rooster (track 2). That's the kind of stuff I like. So if you are looking for some basic, toe-tapping, no frills old-time music, check out A Devil of a Row by Hart & Blech (Swing Cat Enterprises).


To Contact Hart & Blech:

Kerry and Sheila Blech E-Mail

Allen Hart E-Mail

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