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'Round the 'Ol Campfire Review

'Round the 'Ol Campfire

  1. Cumberland Gap
  2. Rose of Alabamy
  3. Lorena
  4. Old Dan Tucker
  5. Southern Soldier
  6. Jine the Cavalry
  7. Rebel Soldier
  8. Kingdom Coming
  9. Minstrel Boy
  10. Rabble Soldier
  11. I'm a Good Old Rebel
  12. Rosin the Beau
  13. The Yellow Rose of Texas
  14. Dixie

Imagine you could travel back in time and journey to the Civil War era in the United States. Now picture yourself walking through the woods in the dark, early evening and encountering an army (you choose the side) encamped among the trees. Take a seat by one of those campfires and get to know some of the soldiers sittin' around talkin', smokin', and shootin' the bull, basically relaxing from a day's march or battle, or both. Perhaps it was a good day and some celebrating is happening in the camp. You are likely to find a soldier with a gut-string banjo and maybe another one with some spoons or bones. You might even find one with a fiddle. They are gathered around one particular fire sharing some tunes of the day, songs of war or politics, or lost love. Do you have the picture in your mind? Put the 'Round the 'Ol Campfire CD in your player and then let your mind's eye wonder again. The music will bring that dream to life as you hear music like it was probably heard back then. No fancy gimmicks were used in the production of this CD. The quality is fine and clear, but there are no fancy arrangements or effects. All you hear is a few guys sittin' around with their instruments singing the songs of another era, songs which are still much loved today. As written in the liner notes: "The songs on this recording have been selected to present an accurate and realistic musical experience representative of the songs the common soldier encountered in the War Between the States." I would have to say, "Mission accomplished!"

-Nathan Sanders,

UPDATE 2/18/05 just received these kind words from a music fan about 'Round the 'Ol Campfire:

"I just would like to praise the CD 'Round the'Ol Campfire. It is an excellent portrayal of what string music must have been like during the civil war or as they prefer, War for Southern Independence. The pronunciation of words are period as are the instruments themselves." - John C. Perry