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Prairie County Avengers - Soldier's Joy


The Music

1.  Soldier's Joy
2.  Joe Bowers
3.  Polly Wolly Doodle
4.  Abner's Shoes
5.  Just Before the Battle Mother
6.  Old Zip Coon
7.  The Glendy Burke
8.  Jordan's Stormy Banks
9.  Cluck Ol' Hen
10. the Johnson Boys
11. Dandy Jim of Caroline
12. John Bell of Tennessee
13. The Ballad of Pea Ridge
14. Angel Band

Web Site:

The Prairie County Avengers


A Review

by Nathan Sanders

"Authenticity" is the first word which comes to mind when hearing the latest CD from The Prairie County Avengers. Soldier's Joy is the follow-up to the previous CD by Tom Morphew and Preston Ware and company 'Round the 'Ol Campfire (see review). The listener is treated to even more music from the Civil War era, or as the cover states "Songs of the War for Southern Independence." These guys not only seek to re-enact the look of the Civil War soldier, but they also seek an authentic sound in music and instrumentation. The rawness of the recording helps to further paint the mental images of battle-weary soldiers trying to relax and entertain their comrades. Of course entertainment was not the only reason for many of these songs. The music also served as a means of expressing frustration and differing points of view concerning the War Between the States. The feeling of the era comes through loud and clear on Soldier's Joy. As with their previous CD, there is nothing real fancy about the packaging or recording techniques, yet anyone who is a fan of Civil War era re-enacting will find Soldier's Joy a welcome addition to their collection. Check out The Prairie County Avengers web site today to get your own copy.